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Betsy Grainger

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Ux Ui
Five ways your business can benefit from a UI/UX function

​It is important to understand how critical of a role UX and UI design plays in the success of any business. Whether you are launching an app, website, or software interface, you must ensure it is ...

The future - Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). How do I even begin to describe the monumental impact these technologies are having on the world? They are absolutely key to the...

IR35: The likelihood of HMRC investigations

​As we approach two years of working with the Off-Payroll Rules, it’s time for businesses to prepare for the HMRC’s investigations into IR35 compliance. The ‘soft-landing’ period is over, with the...

Psychometric Testing
The Benefits of Psychometric Testing

​Psychometric testing has become increasingly popular in the recruitment process as a tool for measuring the cognitive abilities, personality traits, and job-related skills of job candidates. Psych...

Image Adobe Express
How your HRIS can help with recruitment!

​Human resources information systems (HRIS) have revolutionised the way businesses manage their HR functions. With the help of HRIS, businesses can now streamline their HR processes, manage employe...

HRIS & HCM Recruitment and Search Specialist: Connecting the Right Candidates with the Right Employers

​Are you looking for the right HRIS/HCM career, or are you a client needing an HRIS/HCM recruitment specialist?With many years of recruitment and search experience with an emphasis on HRIS and HCM,...

Ms Dynamics Blog
Maximise your M365 Environment with In-Demand Talent

​With a market value of $ 2 trillion and 70% of Fortune 500 firms opting to use Microsoft technologies, there is no argument that this colossus dominates the tech industry. Batting off the competit...

The Insurance M&A Landscape in 2023: What will it look like?

​The Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) market has been booming in the insurance sector in recent years, many are wondering whether this will continue in a year when a recession is on the horizon.We hav...

Cv Image
8 Tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd

​Your CV is a crucial part of the job application process. It acts as your shop window, highlighting your skills, qualifications, and experiences to potential employers. A well-crafted CV can be...

Law Courts
Getting into a Legal Career - LPC Vs SQE - Which route should you choose?

​Whether you are a current university student, a graduate who has completed their degree already, or someone who is considering a career in the legal industry, then you might be contemplating what...

The value in using a Limited Company Contractor

​Despite the ups and downs over the last few months of the IR35 legislation with Kwasi Kwateng announcing a repeal of the Off-Payroll Working rules in September, which was then withdrawn a few shor...

Adobe Stock 203201893
Top tips for retaining your best legal talent

​Retaining good staff is essential for any successful business, especially in the legal profession. With more competition than ever and the increasing pressure on law firms to deliver results, it’s...