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Our proven Managed Service Provision (MSP) offers a best practice and scalable solution for overseeing, managing and tracking a Contingent Workforce from end-to-end, designed around the unique requirements of your business.

Managed Service Provision experts

Our Managed Service Provision helps organisations seeking to manage and optimize their Flexible Contingent Workforce throughout the full contingent worker lifecycle (hire, compliance, on-board, and exit).

The implementation of successful MSP programmes by Gerrard White Consulting has resulted in candidate quality improvements, cost reduction, workforce optimisation, increased control, insight and visibility and gold star compliance processes and risk mitigation.

Gain control of your flexible workforce and save cost, stay compliant and gain visibility into your contingent labour needs. Consolidated invoicing and better talent delivery is key to future-proofing your recruitment needs against a backdrop of reform and growth in demand for hard to hire skills sets.

Contractor Resourcing and Management

Contract Compliance Solutions

By operating a master or hybrid model, our solution can be rolled out for certain areas of a business, particularly where contractors are needed at scale or within competitive talent markets. This allows businesses to tap into a high level of expertise and ensure they are getting the best talent available.

MSP Provider

Payrolling Services

We help end clients engage directly sourced contingent talent and ensure full compliance with UK legislation including IR35 and its subsequent form. We can support the compliance and onboarding process for any volume of contractors minimising risk and educating the user community to ensure that the terms of the contract are an actual reflection of the reality of engagement. We also monitor IR35 compliance throughout the duration of an assignment.

Contingent workforce solutions
Managed Service Provision (MSP)

For your complete contingent workforce service, our experts are on hand to help you every step of the way.