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In a crowded market, stand out.

Our measurement of success is whether the talent we place with you is still successfully employed, 12 months after their start date. We seek and identify the talent that will transform your business, not just to fill an open seat.

Those individuals that are change-agents, enablers, motivators and drivers.

We do this by undertaking our #GWHiringProcess. A proven methodology of validating a role requirement and then screening in depth, all of the candidates that we then choose to submit to our clients. When we submit a candidate to you, we ensure that you have all of the relevant information that gives you the full picture of what the candidate can offer to your business.

Through our listening and understanding we are able to bring together like minded people to reach their potential.

Our goal is to constantly strive for perfection by offering a unique quality of service that relies on integrity and allows us to treat people as individuals.

Through an intelligent and proactive approach, we can then make the recruitment process an uncomplicated and effective one, to deliver results surpassing our clients' and candidates' expectations. They understand and recognise the importance of long-term relationships and know that these are built on honesty, integrity, and trust.

Providing solutions is of paramount importance to everyone at Gerrard White. This is consistently delivered and evident through our non-obtrusive style and consultative manner.

This gives clients and candidates the peace of mind that their recruitment needs, and careers are in safe and trustworthy hands for now and the future.

We believe that the talent that we deliver transforms our clients' business. We work hard to match the right opportunity with the right candidate as well and so take pride in transforming the lives of our candidates.

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Talent Analytics

There are no 'fingers in the air' here when it comes to the talent market data that our clients enjoy.

To support our work, we developed an artificial intelligence tool that we call the Talent Analytics Report (TAR) which delves into the true metrics of highly accurate salaries and hiring data, by location using trillion of data points.

We can extrapolate data that shows locations down to a town area, by their candidate volumes, candidate supply and demand, experience levels and it can even show which companies hire specific skills and which companies compete for talent.

As a Gerrard White client, you get access to our consultants who are all trained in the use of this live analytics tool. It truly makes a difference.

We also offer the Talent Analytics Report (TAR) as a standalone service offering so if you would like to know more, contact us on 01892 553 355 or

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