Anthony Butler
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Anthony Butler

Managing DirectorSpecialising in Technology & Digital, Legal, Insurance, Workforce Solutions

A solutions-driven Talent Acquisition leader with a passion for the future of work, talent attraction, employee wellbeing and diversity and inclusion. I love helping to grow and develop teams and businesses with experience spanning multiple business functions, industry sectors and geographies. I am adept at driving organisational growth and business change and have enjoyed advising talent programmes across the UK and Europe.

We pride ourselves on our quality of recruitment delivery, be that Permanent recruitment, Contract/Interim/Locum, and executive search.

Our primary practices are:

- Technology and Digital

- Cyber Security

- Legal

- Accountancy, finance and Insolvency

- Insurance (Actuarial, pricing, claims, broking, underwriting, compliance) London market, General Insurance, Personal Lines and Insurtech

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Kingsbridge Survey
Off-Payroll Reform and how this has impacted the UK Contractor Market

​Kingsbridge has recently released its annual whitepaper, which has revealed some revealing statistics about the contractor market, and what this will look like as we move through 2023. Almost 2,0...

Legal Careers: Getting into a career in law
Legal careers: Getting into (and progressing in) the legal profession without a degree

When most people think about the path to becoming a solicitor/lawyer, they often associate a rigorous academic journey that combines years of dedicated study, a prestigious law degree and practica...

Job Search: tips to overcome anxiety, nerves and self-doubt
Job Search: 9 Steps to overcoming Anxiety, Nerves and Self-doubt

​Job hunting is rollercoaster of emotions - excitement, hope, and anticipation are often accompanied by anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. As recruiters, we understand these feelings and can reassure ...

HCM & HRIS: The Power of Workforce Management
Revolutionising Workforce Management: The Power of HRIS & HCM

​In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, organisations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to optimise their workforce management. Enter the world of Human Resource Info...

Not succeeding doesn't mean failure
Not succeeding doesn’t have to mean failure

​It is always fascinating how people’s perceptions of success or failure can vary. This is often determined by how much somebody actually wanted the outcome at the beginning which can often cloud o...

IR35 contractor compliance
Is your Business protected? How to Ensure Compliance in the Supply Chain amidst HMRC's £161 Million Investment

The HMRC are looking to invest £161 million into the private sector to investigate claims, which will ,in part, focus on compliance within the supply chain. With this in mind, ensuring your compli...

Ir35 Image
HMRC lose high profile IR35 tax case

​In news that will be welcomed by the contracting community, Gary Lineker has won his high-profile tax case against the HMRC. The IR35 case, which has rumbled on for several years, carried a tax ...

Ux Ui
Five ways your business can benefit from a UI/UX function

​It is important to understand how critical of a role UX and UI design plays in the success of any business. Whether you are launching an app, website, or software interface, you must ensure it is ...

The future - Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). How do I even begin to describe the monumental impact these technologies are having on the world? They are absolutely key to the...

IR35: The likelihood of HMRC investigations

​As we approach two years of working with the Off-Payroll Rules, it’s time for businesses to prepare for the HMRC’s investigations into IR35 compliance. The ‘soft-landing’ period is over, with the...

Image Adobe Express
How your HRIS can help with recruitment!

​Human resources information systems (HRIS) have revolutionised the way businesses manage their HR functions. With the help of HRIS, businesses can now streamline their HR processes, manage employe...

Psychometric Testing
The Benefits of Psychometric Testing

​Psychometric testing has become increasingly popular in the recruitment process as a tool for measuring the cognitive abilities, personality traits, and job-related skills of job candidates. Psych...