Rose Swallow
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Rose Swallow

Recruitment ConsultantSpecialising in Technology & Digital

​Rose is a specialist Technology Recruiter working across both permanent and contingent positions for our clients. With a strong Insurance background Rose has an intricate knowledge of the technology utilised by insurers, brokers and finance providers for whom she now delivers across a number of IT and change verticals.

Rose specialises in services to include:

● Headhunting Permanent and Contingent Talent
● Contractor Resourcing and Management
● IR35 Compliance and Consultancy
● Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO) and Managed Service Provision(MSP)

* Enterprise/Solutions/Security/Data/Cloud Architecture * CTO * CIO *CISO *C-Level * Devops * Testing & QA * Information Security * Web/Application Development * Transformation * PMO/Business Analysts/Project Managers * MI/BI Developers/Analyst * ETL Developers * Data Warehousing * Infrastructure * Cloud (Azure/AWS) Engineers/Analysts/Developers * Service Delivery * SCRUM Masters / AGILE hires

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